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Saturday, November 5, 2016

BookCourt in Review

I've been remiss in thanking all of you who attended the official It's All One Case book launch at BookCourt back on October 24th. The turnout was great; the store had to bring in more chairs to accommodate everyone who showed up and the book sold out.

The Village Voice previewed the event. The notice isn't entirely accurate, but its heart was in the right place.

Special gratitude to Glenn Tranter of BookCourt for making the event happen in the first place, and to Deborah Avery for taking most of the following photos.

Say what you will about seeing your name up in lights, 
there's something just as special about seeing your name 
down in chalk on a sandwich board on a Brooklyn sidewalk. 

Jeff Wong and I discussed how we met, his friendship with 
Paul Nelson, and the evolution of It's All One Case. Jeff designed 
the book and culled most of its visuals from his private archive of  
Ross Macdonald collectibles (one of the world's largest). 

The audience was filled with family, friends, and fans 
of Ross Macdonald and Paul Nelson. 

As the audience listened to select sound clips from Paul Nelson's 
1976 interviews with Ross Macdonald, which form the foundation of 
the book, Jeff's slideshow displayed related images.

Jeff and I inscribed books and visited with audience members 
before heading back out into the Brooklyn night. 

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